Shriners Information

Note: We want to encourage all Nobles to register in WebFez. It is easy and allows Nobles to check and correct any of their Shrine information online, .  Once you register, you need to occasionally check to ensure the accuracy of your record.  You definitely need to login whenever any of your contact information changes, such as, phone numbers, addresses, email and so forth.  If you need help registering contact the office.  If you do not have access to a computer, call Rorie in the office and she will be more than happy to review your file with you over the phone and make any changes necessary.

One last note: The  Al Amin Facebook page remains The old Al Amin personal profile is no longer active.  Any questions about Al Amin Shriners social media should be directed to our webmaster at  You may have noticed that we now have business email addresses for the Divan, office and staff personal.  Emails are positional with following the title.  A complete listing can be found on our Website.  Be sure to visit it often.  It is continually updated.  Should you have something you would like posted on our social media sites, send it to the webmaster.